Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Have You Ever Been Out Of Cigarettes?

Do you remember that feeling you had when you were out of cigarettes? Not a very pleasant feeling was it! That's why I have the "donate" button on this blog. Every dollar that you donate to me and this blog will go to the purchase of buying cigarettes and nothing else - except in the occassional instance of also buying a cheap lighter!

Ever had people try and "bum" a cigarette off of you? If it was a friend then you didn't mind it so much - as long as the weren't asking you for a cigarette all the time!

So if you have a dollar or 2 to spare please donate so that I can have a celabratory "smoke" on your behalf.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007


"Donate" And "Buy Now" buttons have both been fixed.

There are 2 paypal buttons on this blog. One is a donate button and I'm not going to lie to you because those donations are what I use to buy cigarettes with. So you can donate a dollar or two if you know that your donations are going to go towards one of your fellow smokers being able to buy cigarettes. Just remember how you felt when you were out of cigarettes and didn't have enough money to buy them - remember how you felt? Well here's your chance to help a fellow smoker.

The 2nd paypal button is for a "Smoker's List" that I have created. For a $10 payment I will add your name to this list for 1 year. I will include your name (or if you prefer your screen name), your icon or avatar and a link to your website.


Friday, June 08, 2007


New Promotion

It seems that Kools is having a promotional campaign which is probably why they have been 2-for-1 the last few days. They are promoting all the different designs of Kools over the years.

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Friday, June 01, 2007


I'm In Good Supply!

I'm just feeling very grateful that I'm in good supply as far as having cigarettes is concerned. I have a good supply of cigarettes and am not in any need of cigarettes for the next few days. I was thinking about this as I saw the storm outside!

There have been times when I have had to go out in bad weather just to get cigarettes - everything else I had! So I'm feeling pretty good about this!


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